Architecture should speak of it’s time and place
but yearn for timelessness

Maison Scandinavia Group is a Danish/French company founded in 1999. The company has a long and rich history of unique construction projects across Scandinavia and France.

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Maison Scandinavia Group has through it’s over 20 years in the craft, sworn to embrace the worlds most natural and spectactular ressource as core materials in our broad range of construction projects.

Focusing on incorporating locally sourced natural stone and the highest quality and carefully selected timber from the Europes forests.

Constructions with a focus on quality and timelessness.

Scandinavia Group

The company has through the years been leading in the utilization of old craftsmanship techniques combined with modern construction methods. Together being the core foundation for accomplishing sustainable and efficient construction with immense finishes.


All classy homes have in common that particular aura which you can feel straight from the entrance. It’s the sophistication, elegance, detail, sense of proportion, and some distinctive feeling that living is easy. We have a rich experince in creating unique designs.


the benefits of upgrading your landscape are plentiful. For one, the value of your luxury home will almost certainly increase as you make additions to the landscape. 


Luxury can have many connotations. Luxury in our architecture to the quality of space and light, the tactile nature of materials and the attention to detail or the craftsmanship afforded to both the design process and the build process. We have more than 25 awards for our uniqe architecture.

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Partners and founders of Maison Scandinavia Group have cultivated a team of project managers combined with a wide range of craftsmen that strives to deliver the highest level of project management, construction, renovation, service and design.

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Projects constructed by Maison Scandinavia Group has been published in numerous publications.

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