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The company has through the years been leading in the utilization of old craftsmanship techniques combined with modern construction methods. Together being the core foundation for accomplishing sustainable and efficient construction with immense finishes.

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Partners and founders of Maison Scandinavia Group have cultivated a team of project managers combined with a wide range of craftsmen that strives to deliver the highest level of project management, construction, renovation, service and design.


Constructing new projects in the 21st Century requires immense knowledge and expertise. The management team of Maison Scandinavia Group has with its wide team of craftsmen been building and developing new projects all over Scandinavia and the south of France for more than 20 years.


A succesful remodeling requires understanding of the history of the building aswell as a deep rooted technical knowledgde of the 19th centurys construction methods. Maison Scandinavia Group offers broad expertise in the field of every imaginable remodeling.


Clients of Maison Scandinavia Group have for many years enjoyed the offering of full service maintaining of their buildings. The understanding that investing and servicing an asset has high benefits in form of returns, living quality and preserving the architectural history.


Clients of Maison Scandinavia Group has for many years demanded a high level of design and finishes. The Maison management team offers guidance to clients with a wide group of designers and design-companies to fulfill the desire of a unique project.


With many years of experience, Maison Scandinavia Group offers clients a proces with counseling leading up to a construction proces and foremost during the proces to keep clients wishes and demands to be fulfilled.

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